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Luxury Vinyl Plank in Turlock, CA

Offering Luxury Vinyl Planks for Every Lifestyle

Are you searching for a flooring solution that has the gorgeous appeal of hardwood without the downsides of hardwood upkeep? Then check out our extensive collection of luxury vinyl planks here at TriCounty Flooring America in Turlock, California. As one of the fastest-growing flooring trends on the market, luxury vinyl can mimic the natural look of hardwood while maintaining durability to withstand your daily household wear.

Browse our selection of luxury vinyl planks from beveled acacia looks to wide-plank white oak hardwood at our expansive showroom in Turlock, CA. Luxury vinyl planking is a great alternative for living rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms because of its modern and clean look. Our LVP selection will be sure to please those seeking everyday comfort and allergy relief. Our flooring specialists will carefully guide you through the floor selection process down to final installation. We proudly serve clients in Turlock, Patterson, and Ceres, CA.

Why Choose LVP?

If you're on the fence about investing in a new vinyl floor because vinyl reminds you of the thin vinyl sheets you may have seen in your grandmother's kitchen, we're here to reassure you. Our line of luxury vinyl plank products is a vast improvement as they're engineered to withstand moisture and will hold up to warping. Luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles are great options for active families with children and pets underfoot and are practically indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. You can rest easy knowing your floors are manufactured for endurance and show off naturally elegant visuals. 

Each vinyl plank is constructed with a high level of interior density and surface resiliency, resulting in a long-lasting material. As part of our collection, TriCounty Flooring America is proud to sell the following exclusive LVP brands:

  • Downs H2O
  • Downs Life H2O
  • Galvanite
  • Spotlight Values

Are Luxury Vinyl Planks Waterproof?

Composed of four layers, similar to vinyl, luxury vinyl planks have a thicker wear layer that is waterproof. Unlike hardwood flooring, which is susceptible to water damage and warping, LVP is a suitable option for bathrooms and kitchens due to its high water resistance. The most robust LVP option is enhanced urethane, which will keep your floors looking new for years.

Easy LVP Maintenance

At TriCounty Flooring America, we understand the keeping your floors clean can be a challenge which is why we've carefully selected all of our luxury vinyl plank products from top-performing brands in the industry. Our LVP is easy to clean and requires low-upkeep. Only regularly vacuum and sweep your floors to keep them looking pristine. We recommend occasionally mopping your vinyl floors to keep them fresh, but it's best to consult your floor's warranty before using any harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks With Our Team

Trust our team of professionals to install your new luxury vinyl planks. Although LVP has come a long way since its inception and can be quickly installed with a click-and-lock system, it's best to leave the installation to an experienced installer so as not to risk plank damage. We have the industry experience and brand knowledge necessary to complete a beautiful installation.

All of our trained specialists are backed by the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, ensuring that your installation will be a smooth and efficient process. If you are unhappy with your floors, we will replace them for free with a product of similar pricing within 30 days of installation. We are assured that our high-end product offerings and knowledgeable team can make your home improvement project a pleasant and memorable experience.

Contact our flooring specialists to learn more about our extensive selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring solutions. 


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