Ceramic Tile Guide

Ceramic Tile in Turlock, CA

Elevating Your Home with Ceramic Tile

For anyone looking to update their floors with beautiful designs in durable materials, our collection of ceramic tile flooring here at TriCounty Flooring America has just what you’re searching for. Ceramic tile floors not only make a fashionable statement but are practical as well, as they are easy to maintain and resistant to high foot traffic.

Peruse our beautiful selection of ceramic tile floors in our expansive showroom, which houses everything from natural Italian stone to high-variation wood-look ceramic tiles. You have the choice from an endless supply of colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes for your ceramic tile floors. Your design aspirations are our top priority, and there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate your new ceramic floors into your existing home design. From glazed and unglazed finishes to deco, rustic, or contemporary styles, ceramic floor tiles come in several different shades and texture variations.

Whether you’re looking for a glazed ceramic wall tile in the bathroom or rustic grained wood-look tile in the kitchen, our flooring experts will walk you through every detail from veining to tonal shadings to find the perfect style for you. With our broad collection of wood-look ceramic tiles, you can have the hardwood floor of your dreams even in moisture-prone areas like your bathrooms and basements. 

TriCounty Flooring America in Turlock proudly serves Patterson and Ceres, CA.

The Many Benefits of Ceramic Tile Floors

On top of being durable, ceramic tile floors are easy on your wallet. As a local flooring store and a member of Flooring America, we have access to the best ceramic tile brands in the industry and carry top suppliers known for their reliable quality, such as FloorCraft ceramics by Shaw. 

Now, you can get the look you want without the high-end price tag or high-maintenance cleaning. Perfect for high-traffic living areas, ceramic tiles are resistant to impact and water, and make a great floor choice for active households.

Keeping Your Ceramic Tile Floors Clean

Perhaps one of the critical benefits of having ceramic floor tiles is their low upkeep. Only needing to be frequently swept and vacuumed to prevent dust-collection, ceramic floors are easy to maintain. Many of the ceramic tile floors that we carry are actually dirt-resistant, so they’ll keep their shiny new look for years down the line. 

Keep in mind that you should occasionally damp mop your ceramic tile floors, but be careful about what kind of cleaning agents you use. It’s always best to consult your floor’s warranty as some chemicals can damage your tile’s glaze.

Expert Ceramic Tile Installation

When the time comes for installation, we recommend hiring our team of experienced installers for the best results. Our professionals have the necessary knowledge, experience, and top-of-the-line equipment to install your new tile. When ceramic tiles are installed incorrectly, daily issues such as loose tiles, irregular grout lines, and defective sealants can occur. Sometimes it’s more expensive to purchase the necessary construction materials for this project rather than to include professional installation fees in your total flooring purchase.

Get the floor of your dreams and the tile installation you deserve by contacting us today. We can guarantee that your new ceramic tile flooring will be up to your active lifestyle with our team of professionals. 


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